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Matt Withers

Songs of Yesterday draws upon the music of the past, conjuring beautiful memories through arrangements of timeless songs and passionate works for the classical guitar.

Sit back and let this album take you away somewhere over the rainbow to where dreams that you dare to dream really do come true.

The repertoire on this album was carefully chosen to take you on a musical journey down memory lane with the Songs of Yesterday. Themed around arrangements of many popular songs, often originally for voice or in a vocal style, these tunes will inspire a heartfelt connection to a time or place of joy in our lives with friends and family; the people we love. Imagine beautiful artworks, the colourful canvases of Van Gogh and drift away with this music.

Included on the otherwise solo album are themes from the cinema classic Cinema Paradiso, brought to life by as Matt performs in a special duo with his mentor and founding colleague in Guitar Trek, Tim Kain.

Matt Withers is an ambassador for Australian music, a well-established classical guitar pedagogue, performer and role model for musicians across the country. His career to date has seen him perform with highly esteemed artists of the likes of William Barton, the Carl Pini Quartet, Sally Whitwell, many of Australia’s orchestras as well as maintaining strong commitments in the leading Australian chamber music groups Guitar Trek alongside Timothy Kain, AM and in The Brew Guitar Duo.

Matt has performed across the globe including being featured as a Rising Star at the World Expo in Shanghai (China) and has given countless showcase performances across Australia, New Zealand and Europe with highlights at embassies, universities, international music festivals and for community organisations. Matt has been invited to be an adjudicator for major guitar competitions including the Melbourne International Guitar Festival (Australia) and the Uppsala Guitar Festival (Sweden).

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  1. Vincent (Starry Starry Night) - McLean Arr. Atkins
  2. Felicidade - Jobim Arr. Dyens
  3. Yesterday - Lennon/McCartney Arr. Takemitsu
  4. Recuerdos de la Alhambra - Tárrega
  5. Blue Moon - Hart/Rodgers Arr. Almeida
  6. Over the Rainbow - Harburg/Arlen Arr. Almeida
  7. La Chanson Des Vieux Amants - Brel/Jouannest Arr. Dyens
  8. L’Hymne a L’Amour - Piaf/Monnot Arr. Dyens
  9. Tango en Skaï - Dyens
  10. Milonga - Cardoso
  11. Cavatina - Myers Arr. Williams
  12. The Harp That Once - Three Irish Folk Songs Arr. Marsh
  13. From Clare to Here - Three Irish Folk Songs Arr. Marsh
  14. Will Ye Go Lassie, Go - Three Irish Folk Songs Arr. Marsh
  15. Que No Te Quiera más - Sojo Arr. Williams
  16. Preludio de Adios - Montes
  17. Nuovo Cinema Paradiso - Morricone Arr. Takeuchi – Cinema Paradiso – Featuring Tim Kain
  18. Prima Gioventu - Morricone Arr. Takeuchi – Cinema Paradiso – Featuring Tim Kain
  19. Tema d’amore - Morricone Arr. Takeuchi – Cinema Paradiso – Featuring Tim Kain