Biagio Putignano: Organ Works (CD)

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Pier Damiano Peretti

The organist Pier Damiano Peretti - living in Vienna since 2009 as a teacher at the Universität (formerly Hochschule) für Musik und darstellende Kunst - on this CD is tackling the very difficult organ pages of the well-known composer from Puglia, Biagio Putignano. Peretti performs on the 1995 Mathis organ, located in the Scottekirche in Vienna, alongside soprano Marie-Antoinette Stabentheiner. So, it seemed therefore logical in the conception of this CD, to counterpoint the poetry of the 'new Middle Ages' (U. Eco) obbligato music by Biagio Putignano, with excerpts from the earliest surviving Italian keyboard music collection, the 1420 Faenza Codex: secular intabulations of great ingenuity. For the performance of these pieces, Peretti uses an organ from the Neapolitan School of the eighteenth century belonging to St. Ursula Kirche in Vienna.

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  1. Putignano: Tavole di luminosità
  2. anon.: De ce fol penser [Codex Faenza, 14th Century]
  3. anon.: Biance flour [Codex Faenza]
  4. Putignano: Desiderium animæ
  5. anon.: Che pena questa [14th century]
  6. Putignano: Carteggio spirituale
  7. anon.: Non ara may pieta questa mia dona [Codex Faenza]: Non ara may pieta questa mia dona
  8. anon.: Bel fiore dança [Codex Faenza]: Bel fiore dança
  9. Putignano: Pezzi sacri (3): No. 1, Vidi aquam
  10. Putignano: Pezzi sacri (3): No. 2, Requiem
  11. Putignano: Pezzi sacri (3): No. 3, Alleluia, lauda Jerusalem