Bellafronte: Guitar Works (CD)

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David di Ienno, Filippo Lattanzi, Patrick de Ritis, Aldo Ferrantini, Quartetto Guadagnini

The guitar of the young musician Davide di Ienno is the common denominator of this musical journey within the work of Raffaele Bellafronte, a well-known contemporary composer. Many styles are touched on by Bellafronte in his music: lightheartedly borrowing from various traditions of the past, he appropriates dance languages rooted in learned and folk music, ranging from the tarantella to the tango and waltz, and also pays tribute to exotic dances and Spanish music, symbol par excellence of guitar expression.

The exploration of the technical possibilities of the guitar overlaps with that of the marimba, bassoon, flute and string quartet, drawing the listener into a fascinating musical journey interspersed with a great variety of rhythms, colours and moods.

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  • Bellafronte: For Five …
  • Bellafronte: Malukka Dance
  • Bellafronte: Rapsodia Metropolitana, for solo guitar
  • Bellafronte: Suite No. 1 for bassoon & guitar
  • Bellafronte: Tarantella, for solo guitar
  • Bellafronte: The way of my senses