Biagio Marini: Madrigals & Symfonie Op. II (CD+DVD)

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I Musicali Affetti, RossoPorpora, Fabio Missaggia, Walter Testolin


Biagio Marini, composer and violinist from Brescia is universally recognized as one of the most singular personalities of the first half of the seventeenth century, especially for his great contribution to the development of violin technique and the triosonate form. In fact, his profile is much more articulated and as a whole is represented more by vocal works than instrumental. This work, discovered by the collaboration of Musicali Affetti from Vicenza with some researchers from the University of Strasbourg, finally can be performed by the Musicali Affetti ensemble directed by Fabio Missaggia and the RossoPorpora vocal ensemble directed by Walter Testolin.

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Marini, B: Madrigali et symfonie, Op. 2

Fabiano Merlante, Nicola Lamon, Giacomo Schiavo, Andrea Inghisciano, Elena Bianchi, Massimo Altieri, Fabio Missaggia, Carlo Zanardi, Alicia Amo, Lorenzo Feder, Lucia Napoli, Guglielmo Buonsanti

I Musicali Affetti, RossoPorpora Ensemble

Recorded: 1 July 2016
Recording Venue: Chiesetta delle Monache, Vicenza, Italy