Nenna: Madrigals for 4 Voices, Book 1 (CD)

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Palazzo Incantato Vocal Ensemble, Sergio Lella

The preparation and realization of this recording has been a process of continuous discovery, revealing a style of polyphonic writing which is both sophisticated and complete, capable of communicating contrasting sentiments. This process has confirmed the evaluation of the Primo Libro dei Madrigali a 4 voci as a veritable compendium of the compositional techniques of Pomponio Nenna. This collection contains not only a direct correspondence between textual and musical elements, but also an ample and variegated use of those technical devices which this composer from Bari shows to have completely mastered.

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Nenna: Madrigals for 4 Voices, Book 1

Nunzia Sorrentino (violin), Rosario Conte (archlute), Doriano Longo (baroque viola), Maria Antonietta Losito (baroque viola), Rosa Rita Lapresentazione (spinet), Sergio Lella (flute), Giacchino de Padova (viola da gamba)

Palazzo Incantato Vocal Ensemble