François Couperin: Concerts Royaux (CD)

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François Couperin’s three Concerts are part of a cycle of 14 works printed in two series by Boivin et Le Clerc. The first series includes the first four concerts and appeared in 1722 under the title «Concerts Royaux ... qui . Conviennent non seulement au Clavecin, maís aussy au Violon, à la Flûte, au Hautbois, à la Viole et au Basson»; the second was published in 1724 and was entitled «Les Goúts Réùnis ou Nouveaux Concerts à l’usage de toutes les sortes d’Instruments de Musique». The three «Concerts» represent three different aspects of Couperin’s musical production: the third is an exemplary homage to the French tradition of dance suites; the ninth is one of the most extraordinary examples of that genre inappropriately referred to as «descriptive»; and the fourteenth is a synthesis of the results obtained by Couperin in his use of certain compositional techniques typical of Italian instrumental music in general and of that of Corelli in particular.

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Francois Couperin: Concerts royaux: Concerto No. 3 in A Major

I. Prelude

II. Allemande

III. Courante

IV. Sarabande

V. Gavotte

VI. Muzette

VII. Chaconne

Francois Couperin: Concerts royaux: Concerto No. 4 in E Minor

I. Prelude

II. Allemande

V. Sarabande

VII. Fuguere

Francois Couperin: Nouveaux concerts: Concerto No. 9 in E Major, "Ritratto dell'Amore "

I. Le charme

II. L'enjouement

III. Les graces - Courante francoise

IV. Le je ne scay quoy

V. La vivacite

VI. La noble fierte - Sarabande

VII. La douceur

VIII. L'et caetera ou menuets