Duruflé: Complete Choral Works (CD)

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Ken Cowan, Houston Chamber Choir, Robert Simpson

The choral works of Duruflé, like his organ works, are small in number but beautifully crafted. Frequently written and rewritten until he was completely satisfied, he was a composer who rethought and re-configured his music right up to the moment he had to let go of it. Often described as a man out of step with his times, his pieces look back to Gregorian chant and plainsong at a time when the musical life of his home city of Paris was steeped in radical new compositional ideas – a testament perhaps to Duruflé’s enduring love of France’s choral heritage.

In a new recording produced by Grammy® winning producer Blanton Alspaugh, the Houston Chamber Choir are led by artistic director Robert Simpson on their first release with Signum Records.

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Durufle Messe “Cum Jubilo” pour choeur de barytons et orgue, Op. 11
1. Kyrie
2. Gloria
3. Sanctus
4. Benedictus
5. Agnus Dei

Durufle Quatre Motets sur des thèmes grégoriens pour choeur a cappella, Op.10
6. Ubi caritas
7. Tota pulchra es
8. Tu es Petrus
9. Tantum ergo
10. Notre Père pour choeur a cappella

Durufle Requiem pour soli, choeurs et orgue, Op. 9
11. Introit
12. Kyrie
13. Domine Jesu Christe
14. Sanctus & Benedictus
15. Pie Jesu
16. Agnus Dei
17. Lux aeterna
18. Libera me
19. In Paradisum