Roxanna Panufnik: Love Abide (CD)

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Colla Voce Singers, Voces8, London Mozart Players, Barnaby Smith, Lee Ward, David Ogden

Roxanna Panufnik describes Love Abide as a way of “celebrating music, texts and chants of a diversity of faiths. My ongoing mission to build musical bridges between different faiths was inspired by the birth of my first child, in 2002, when I started to ponder deeply on what kind of world I was bringing her into. Religious conflict and wars that involve it are constantly in the news – but we rarely hear enough about the affirmative aspects of our many faiths, such as the phenomenal beauty of the varied cultures surrounding them. Exploring these cultures has unearthed a bounty of stunning chant and verse and has brought me closer to my own personal spiritual beliefs.”

“Each work on this CD focuses on a particular mood or sentiment around the theme of love, expressed in a musical language that echoes the origin of the words. I’ve drawn on texts from different faiths, from the 15th century Zen Master Ikkyū Sōyun to the well-loved 13th chapter of 1 Corinthians; from the Christian mass setting to the 14th Century Sufi poet and mystic Rumi, to the ancient Hebrew Psalm 136 (135). And I’ve married a traditional Anglican text with a Catholic one – creating a truly Ecumenical Magnificat. Within the music you will hear fragments of Spanish Sephardic chant, Christian plainsong, Sufi rhythms and a Japanese lullaby, to soothe the soul.” “Love Abide encapsulates the very contemporary ethos of multicultural spiritual devotion in a world populated by a rich diversity of faiths – all feeling, as deeply and as aesthetically, the compelling potency of music with love.”

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Roxanna Panufnik:

1. Love Endureth
Voces8, London Mozart Players, Barnaby Smith

Love Abide
2. Love is the Master
3. Love Abide
Love Abide children’s choir, Colla Voce Singers, London Mozart Players, Lee Ward, Mark Stone, Heather Shipp

Magnificat & Nunc Dimittis
4. Magnificat
5. Nunc Dimittis
Exultate Singers, London Mozart Players, David Ogden, Richard Johnson

6. Zen Love Song
Voces8, London Mozart Players, Barnaby Smith, Kiku Day

Schola Missa De Angelix
7. Kyrie
8. Gloria

9. Sanctus & Benedictus
10. Agnus Dei
London Mozart Players, Love Abide children’s choir, Lee Ward, Gilles Sinclair, Ben Fleetwood Smyth

Mass of the Angels
11. Kyrie
12. Gloria
13. Sanctus & Benedictus
14. Agnus Dei
Love Abide children’s choir, London Mozart Players, Lee Ward, Tom Little