Johannes de Lymburgia: Gaude Felix Padua (CD)

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Born around 1380 in the Duchy of Limburg, possibly in the little town of the same name, Johannes de Lymburgia was active for a long time in Liège, then in Italy. We have evidence of his presence in Vicenza between 1431 and 1436, and several of his works refer explicitly to Vicenza, as well as to Venice and Padua, demonstrating a strong connection with northern Italy, where his music was compiled. His output – more than 45 works – is contained in three large manuscripts from the first half of the fifteenth century, alongside music by other composers from north of the Alps, such as Johannes Ciconia and Guillaume Dufay. Though only sacred music by Lymburgia has survived, it is richly varied, reflecting both the consistency of the Franco-Flemish style and the composer’s own inventive taste for harmonic and melodic experimentation.

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Johannes de LYMBURGIA

  1. Tota pulcra es   
  2. Gaude felix Padua          
  3. Recordare Virgo mater
  4. Descendi in ortum meum (instrumental)
  5. Magne dies leticie          
  6. Recordare frater pie
  7. Virginis proles
  8. Gaude felix Padua (instrumental)
  9. Kyrie Qui de stirpe regia
  10. Kyrie     
  11. Sanctus Admirabilis splendor     
  12. Agnus Dei
  13. Christe redemptor omnium (instrumental)
  14. Magnificat octavi toni
  15. Salve Virgo regia