Scheidemann, Scheidt: Cantilena Anglica Fortunae - Harpsichord Works (CD)

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Yoann Moulin

For his first recording with Ricercar, and as a prelude to an anthology of German Baroque harpsichord music, Yoann Moulin tackles works by two of Sweelinck’s most illustrious disciples. The preludes, chorales, fugues, dances and arias with variations of this repertory offer great diversity and enable us to grasp the personalities of the two composers, the introverted Scheidt and the more flamboyant and Baroque Scheidemann.

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  1. Scheidemann: Praeambulum in g
  2. Scheidt: Allemande "Also geht's, also steht's"
  3. Scheidemann: Pavana Lachrymae
  4. Scheidemann: Gagliarda ex D
  5. Scheidemann: Praeludium in d
  6. Scheidt: In dich hab ich gehoffet
  7. Scheidt: Courante
  8. Scheidt: Cantinela Anglica Fortunae
  9. Scheidemann: Fuga in d
  10. Scheidemann: Praeambulum in D
  11. Scheidt: O Gott, wir danken deiner Güt
  12. Scheidemann: Praeambulum in E
  13. Scheidt: Fantasia super Io son ferito lasso