Frescobaldi: Organ Works (CD)

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Bernard Foccroulle

Although Girolamo Frescobaldi’s organ works draw on the polyphonic tradition of the Renaissance, few virtuosos of the early 17th century tackled with as much originality the expressive movement that opened the way for what we consider ‘Baroque music’. He transposed for the keyboard this sense of the affect and virtuosity that, in the sphere of opera, overturned all the conventions of vocal music. He recommended flexible playing, freed of any overly strict constraints, insisting on the fact that the musician must play ‘con affetti cantabili’ (with the affects of singing).  

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  1. Missa della Madonna (Toccata avanti la Missa della Madonna)
  2. Missa della Madonna ( Kyrie della Madonna)
  3. Missa della Madonna (Canzon dopo l‘Epistola)
  4. Aspice Domine
  5. Missa della Madonna (Recercar dopo il Credo)
  6. Missa della Madonna (Toccata avanti il Recercar)
  7. Missa della Madonna (Recercar con obligo di cantare la quinta parte senza toccarla)
  8. Missa della Madonna (Toccata per l’Elevatione)
  9. Bergamasca
  10. Capriccio sopra la Girolmeta
  11. Capriccio sopra la Bassa Fiamenga
  12. Capriccio di durezze
  13. Deus noster
  14. Partite sopra La Monica
  15. Toccata Quinta sopra i pedali per l’organo, e senza
  16. Recercar quarto, Obligo mi, re, fa, mi
  17. Ipsi sum desponsata
  18. Fantasia quarta, sopra doi soggietti
  19. Canzon prima, Primo Tono
  20. Fantasia nona, sopra tre soggietti
  21. 21. Toccata nona