In the Middle of Things: Chamber Music by Michael Zev Gordon (CD)

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Julian Bliss, Fidelio Trio, Darragh Morgan, Adi Tal, Mary Dullea

The Fidelio Trio return to Resonus Classics joined by the acclaimed clarinettist Julian Bliss to present this album of recent chamber works by British composer Michael Zev Gordon.

Presenting a varied programme of instrument combinations, the trio and Julian present works stretching back over fifteen years, celebrating Michael’s individual and idiomatic voice along with both the fascinating and wide-ranging influences within his music.

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Sunday Times

"Gordon devises pieces in which a clockmaker’s craftsmanship somehow coincides with romantic phantasmagoria...Beautiful performances throughout."

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Michael Zev Gordon

  1. Fragments from a Diary: I. breakable objects
  2. Fragments from a Diary: II. the time has come to have a home
  3. Fragments from a Diary: III. all too brief
  4. Fragments from a Diary: IV. ...And those who are beautiful, oh who can retain them?...
  5. Fragments from a Diary: V. elegiac
  6. Fragments from a Diary: VI. can still catch the echo
  7. Fragments from a Diary: VII. Listen my heart, as only saints have listened 
  8. False Relations
  9. Grace
  10. Roseland
  11. Three Short Pieces for Clarinet: I. A Lotus Flower
  12. Three Short Pieces for Clarinet: II. Un canto di sospiri
  13. Three Short Pieces for Clarinet: III. Freilach
  14. Diary Pieces 2015: I. Long Time
  15. Diary Pieces 2015: II. Shining Day
  16. Diary Pieces 2015: III. Another Space
  17. Diary Pieces 2015: IV: Summer Waltz
  18. Diary Pieces 2015: V. A Line of Light
  19. Diary Pieces 2015: VI. Grilli
  20. Diary Pieces 2015: VII. Epitaph
  21. A Small Folly
  22. In the Middle of Things