Sweeter Than Roses - Songs by Henry Purcell (CD)

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Anna Dennis, Sounds Baroque, Julian Perkins

Director and keyboardist Julian Perkins and his acclaimed ensemble Sounds Baroque join with soprano Anna Dennis for this celebration of the songs of Henry Purcell.

Known for his undisputed mastery in setting the English language, Purcell also absorbed influences from both French and Italian styles, and the programme is complemented with close contemporaries who also worked in London – a guitar suite from Italian Francesco Corbetta and a harpsichord suite from Giovanni Battista Draghi, along with two songs from the earlier Stuart court composer Henry Lawes.

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Henry Purcell (1659–1695)
1. Sweeter than roses, Z. 585/1
2. Cupid, the slyest rogue alive, Z. 367
3. On the brow of Richmond Hill, Z. 405
4. She loves and she confesses too, Z. 413

Henry Lawes (1596–1662)
5. No Reprieve
6. A Lover’s Legacy

Francesco Corbetta (1615–1681)
Suite in C major for guitar
7. Caprice de Chacone
8. Gigue
9. Menuet
10. Autre Chacone

Henry Purcell
11. Urge me no more, Z. 426
12. In the black, dismal dungeon
of despair, Z. 190
13. Now that the sun hath veil’d his light (An Evening Hymn), Z. 193

Giovanni Battista Draghi (1640–1708)
Suite in E minor for harpsichord
14. Prelude
15. Allmand
16. Corrant
17. The Complaint
18. Aire
19. Jigg

Henry Purcell
20. Love arms himself in Celia’s eyes, Z. 392
21. Celia’s fond, too long I’ve lov’d her, Z. 364
22. I came, I saw and was undone (The Thraldom), Z. 375
23. Oh! fair Cedaria, hide those eyes, Z. 402
24. How blest are shepherds (from King Arthur, Z. 628, arr. Sounds Baroque)