Jet Set! (SACD)

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New Dutch Academy, Simon Murphy

Featuring works by Abel, Reichardt, Zelter, Storace, Mozart and Paisiello, this album follows the musical “jet set” of the 18th century as they “do” the splendid cosmopolitan cultural epicentres of the time, including London, Paris, Berlin, Vienna and St Petersburg. Exploring the intertwining stories of these leading lights as they criss-cross the European Continent, the album watches the sparks fly as they inspire each other in this period abuzz with creative fervour, international cultural exchange and mind-blowing talent. With several world-première recordings of new discoveries (Abel, Reichardt, Storace) alongside some well-loved classics, this journey features music which abounds in enlightened positivity, radiance, inventiveness, energy and inspiration.

This outstanding programme is presented by conductor/violist Simon Murphy and his New Dutch Academy, with soprano Gudrun Sidonie Otto providing the vocal contributions. JET SET! is the seventh PENTATONE release of Murphy and his ensemble, after having presented albums performing the works of Corelli, Stamitz, Richter, Schmitt, Zappa, Bach, Handel, Telemann, Vivaldi and Van Wassenaer.

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Zelter Concerto in E-flat major for Viola and Orchestra
1. Allegro con fuoco
2. Adagio non troppo
3. Rondo Un poco moderato 

Abel Symphony in C major op. 14 no. 1 (WK 25) *
4. Allegro 
5. Andante 
6. Allegro ma non Troppo 

7. Mozart Susanna’s Aria “Deh vieni, non tardar” from Le Nozze di Figaro

Reichardt Symphony in G major *
8. Without tempo indication 
9. Andantino 
10. Presto 

Storace Orchestration by Simon Murphy
11. Aria “Domestic peace” * from The Siege of Belgrade

12. Paisiello Aria “Nel cor più non mi sento” from La Molinara

Abel Symphony in E-flat major op. 14 no. 2 (WK 26) *
13. Allegro 
14. Andantino
15. Tempo di Menuetto 

* world-première recording


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Simon Murphy and his New Dutch Academy have spent years exploring the rather forgotten repertoire of the late Baroque and early classical period, and their most recent disc celebrates the immense vitality of these composers. While they were not exactly the pop-stars of the time (the castrati probably still held that role) they nonetheless swept through Europe spreading the word—hence the Classical Glitterati! Almost equally divided between the familiar, Mozart and Paisiello, and new discoveries from Abel, Reichardt and Storace, the New Dutch Academy’s program “features music which abounds in enlightened positivity, radiance, inventiveness, energy and inspiration”. The composers in the late-18th century had an unstoppable confidence in their newly forged style which swept classical music forwards, culminating in Beethoven, Schubert, and the early Romantic revolution.

- Chris Dench, The Classical Music Collector