Gordon Getty: Young America Choral Works (SACD)

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Lisa Delan, Vladimir Chernov, Pavlo Hunka, Gunnar Birgirsson, Mats Carlsson

Lisa Delan (soprano), Vladimir Chernov (baritone), Pavlo Hunka (bass baritone), Gunnar Birgirsson (baritone), Mats Carlsson (tenor)

San Francisco Symphony Orchestra & Chorus, Eric Ericson Chamber Choir, Russian National Orchestra, Michael Tilson Thomas, Alexander Vedernikov

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Gordon Getty: Young America
I. Hark the Homeland
II. Heather mary
III. My Uncle's House
IV. War Interlude
V. Daughter of Asheville
VI. When Daniel Boone goes by at Night

Gordon Getty: 3 Welsh Songs
I. Welcome Robin
II. Kind Old Man
III. All Through the Night

Gordon Getty: Annabel Lee

Gordon Getty: Victorian Scenes
I. Blow, Bugle, Blow
II. Loveliest of Trees
III. With Rue My Heart is Laden
IV. Along the Field as We Came by
V. The Time Draws Near the Birth of Christ
VI. All Along the Valley

Gordon Getty: Plump Jack: Act II Scene 7: Jerusalem