Salieri: The Chimney Sweep (2CD)

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Pinchgut Opera

Cast & Crew:

Stuart Haycock Volpino
Amelia Farrugia Mrs Hawk
Janet Todd Miss Hawk
Alexandra Oomens Lisel
Christopher Saunders Mr Wolf
David Woloszko Mr Bear
David Hidden Tomaso
Sydney Children's Choir Apprentice chimney sweeps
Nicholas Hiatt Franzl
Gary Clementson Johann
Troy Honeysett Peter
Sabryna Te'o Jakob

Orchestra of the Antipodes - Brendan Joyce, leader

Conductor Erin Helyard
Mark Gaal
Emma Kingsbury
Associate Designer: Costumes
Christie Milton
Associate Designer Antoinette Barbouttis
Luiz Pampolha

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An Italian chimney sweep seduces the women of the household in which he works, in order to bargain for his future. Composed by Antonio Salieri, The Chimney Sweep is a sexy, fun comedy, filled with characters all shamelessly indulging their appetites.

Bribery and blackmail, anarchic domestic affairs, and venality reigns. But most of all, more wonderful music from the Y8th century that you’ve probably never heard before. And for those whose knowledge of Salieri comes from the excellent film Amadeus, Pinchgut is compelled to report that much of the story in the film is nonsense. Mozart’s murderer? Pah! Pinchgut’s production of The Chimney Sweep restores Salieri’s good name, and his music!

Click here to download the complete program from the 2014 performance run – including a synopsis and libretto!

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“Salieri was a master orchestrator, and Erin Helyard and the excellent Orchestra of the Antipodes immerse themselves to the hilt in his imaginative sound world. From the energetic overture to the folksy ländlers of the finale, this is a revelatory reading. Time and again the ear is tickled by moments of passing loveliness – flute, oboe and pizzicato strings in Volpino’s aria to the little birds; the surging strings in Wolf’s storm aria – the list could go on at considerable length. Helyard is not just a wiz at bringing out the felicitous colours, he’s also a terrific dramatist, urging band and singers on to bring out every musical gift that Salieri gives. ”

“It is literally a rare privilege to see a Salieri opera, and Pinchgut’s robust, enthusiastic production does great credit to the neglected composer’s charming little comedy. Strongly recommended, not just as a rarity or curio, but as a truly fun night at the opera, and one not to be missed.”
Australian Stage

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