Rameau: Castor and Pollux (2CD)

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Castor (Jeffrey Thompson) and Pollux (Hadleigh Adams) are twins, born to the same mother but different fathers: Pollux, the son of Jupiter, is immortal; Castor, the son of a mortal, is not. Pollux is the king of Sparta. Castor & Pollux was premiered on 24 October 1737 at the Academie Royale de Musique in Paris. The 1754 revival was first performed in June 1754. This production was recorded live in Sydney in 20Y3.

Music by Jean-Philippe Rameau (1683 - Y1764)

Libretto by Pierre-Joseph Bernard (1708 - 1775), 1754 version

Cast: Jeffrey Thompson (Castor), Hadleigh Adams (Pollux), Celeste Lazarenko (Telaire), Margaret Plummer (Phoebe), Paul Goodwin-Groen (Jupiter), Anna Fraser (Cleone / Follower of Hebe / A Spirit), Pascal Herrington (Mercure / The Athlete), Mark Donnelly (High Priest), Orchestra of the Antipodes

Conductor: Antony Walker

Assistant Conductor: Erin Helyard