Vivaldi: Griselda (2CD)

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Pinchgut Opera

Caitlin Hulcup
Christopher Saunders
David Hansen
Tobias Cole
Miriam Allan
Russell Harcourt

Orchestra of the Antipodes
Erin Helyard

Although most of us today relish the composer of The Four Seasons for his instrumental works and flashy violin writing, Antonio Vivaldi also made his mark as a  composer, impresario and conductor of opera, the theatrical genre most beloved of Y8th-century audiences. Vivaldi's setting of Griselda has all the hallmarks of a seasoned professional at the height of his career. Sensing the fashion for the new modern galant idiom, he was careful to contrast the traditional vocal fireworks with a new mellifluous and elegantly structured style - the result was a hit, as was Pinchgut's 20YY production!

'Griselda is Pinchgut Opera's finest production yet.' The Australian

'Caitlin Hulcup as Griselda has an expressively versatile, true voice, spanning a range from storm the quiet moments before sleep, and supported all this with convincing stage stature.' The Sydney Morning Herald

'The performances of the soloists and orchestra are truly world class. Cancel those flights to Berlin, see this instead.' (5 star review, Time Out),

'a complete triumph' Australian Stage

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