The Splendour Of Venice: Music for Cornetts, Violins & Sackbuts (CD)

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La Pifarescha

The turn of the 17th century represents not only the golden age of the Venetian Republic, but one of the most variegated moments in the history of Western art music. The innovations of the Venetian School, influential far beyond the confines of its native lagoon, represent the culmination of a stylistic evolution in a period of aesthetic transition from the high Renaissance to the early Baroque.

The instrumental music of “La Serenissima” is celebrated not only for the enormous historical, cultural, and artistic inheritence that it represents, but, quite simply, for its sheer beauty.

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  1. Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon primi toni a 8
  2. Pietro Lappi: La Serafina a 4
  3. Biagio Marini: Canzon terza a 4 tromboni
  4. Sebastiano Chilese: Canzon Trigesimaprima a 8
  5. Gioseffo Guami: L’accorta a 4
  6. Lucio Barbieri: Veni de Libano
  7. Cesario Cussago: Sonata Decimasettima a 8
  8. Dario Castello: Prima Sonata a doi soprani
  9. Andrea Gabrieli: De profundis clamavi ad te Domine
  10. Gioseffo Guami: La Guamina
  11. Giovanni Gabrieli: Canzon VI a 7
  12. Gioseffo Guami: Canzon Vigesimaquinta a 8
  13. Claudio Monteverdi: Cantate Domino
  14. Biagio Marini: Canzon Octava a 6
  15. Giuseppe Scarani: Sonata Quarta
  16. Francesco Usper: Sonata a 8

The Classical Music Collector

"Music changed around 1600. The radical younger composers of the late-16th century were heading a trend that led away from Renaissance polyphony towards an innovative proto-Baroque that led to the evolution of opera and the instrumental sonata. One of the creative hubs of this change was Venice, and this new CD from ensemble la Pifaresca revels in the sound of the new Venetian music, with its emphasis on massive sonorities, antiphony, and instrumental colour, especially the brass timbres of cornetts and sackbuts. There is little quite as grand as this music, and along with lesser figures, la Pifaresca include works by the Gabrielis and Monteverdi, pioneers of the emergent Baroque. Beautifully recorded and consummately performed, this is the sort of recital that makes new friends for early music." - Chris Dench