Marais Meets Corelli (CD)

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Jakob Rattinger, Lina Tur Bonet, Ensemble musica narrans

More than 500.000 clicks on their YouTube video of Folia-variations by Marais and Corelli, and a wide array of enthusiastic comments (“spectacular”, “great”, “splendid”, “amazing”): violist Jakob Rattinger and violinist Lina Tur Bonet meet the demands of many music lovers who are keen of fireworks, virtuosity and positive energy.

Through this fictive competition between their two instruments, the performers illustrate in practice many of the aspects of the evolution of their respective instruments, with the absolutely breath-taking Folia-variations putting the icing on the cake of this very special proposal.

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  1. Hume A Soldier's Galiard / Hark, hark
  2. Forqueray Chaconne La Buisson
  3. Marais Suite in D major & Chaconne en Rondeau
  4. Corelli Violin Sonata No 5 in G minor
  5. Biber Violin Sonata No 5 in E minor
  6. Marais La Sonnerie de Ste. Genevieve du Mont de Paris
  7. Morel Chaconne en trio
  8. Marais, Corelli & Improvisations Folia-Variations