Brutus: Cantatas For Bass by Caldara (CD)

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Sergio Foresti, Stile Galante, Stefano Aresi

With this album, Stile Galante continues its work in the world of the Italian solo chamber cantata - here Stefano Aresi’s ensemble joins forces with baritone Sergio Foresti in order to bring us a selection of cantatas by Antonio Caldara (1670 - 1736) for bass.

These unusual pieces are preserved in precious manuscripts in Bologna and Vienna and are extremely demanding for the singer, asking for great skills (both vocal and theatrical).

The seven cantatas recorded here offer a welcome, unusual view on Italian vocal chamber music, especially as linked to the Viennese court.

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1-5. Caldara: Brutto a Romani

6-10. Caldara: A destar l'alba col canto

11-15. Caldara: Il Polifemo

16-18. Caldara: Il Dario

19-24. Caldara: Partenza amorosa

25-28. Caldara: Il Sansone