Sixteen Contemporary Love Songs For Piano (CD)

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William Howard

This new album from renowned British pianist William Howard features sixteen world premiere recordings from composers such as Judith Weir, Nico Muhly and Arcade Fire’s Richard Reed Parry. Entitled Sixteen Contemporary Love Songs, the album marks the next step in William’s two-year Love Songs project, which explores the theme of love in romantic and contemporary piano music.

William contacted leading composers around the world with a simple brief: to write a piece of music for solo piano that explores the theme of love. The resulting Sixteen Contemporary Love Songs celebrate love in all its forms and provide a unique insight into the modern composer’s response to the love song genre.

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BBC Music Magazine

4 Stars

"Sixteen Contemporary Love Songs is a gorgeous collection, and it’s beautifully played here…There’s something for all tastes, from Howard Skempton’s spare solitary Highland Song to the expansive gestures of Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s Love song for Dusty (Springfield)."

Sunday Times

"Top prize went to Chia-Ying Lin, whose Chanson perpétuelle has manifest flair. Cheryl Frances-Hoad’s Love Song for Dusty (Springfield) is an endearing oddity; Judith Weir’s piece, fragile, has her typical composing sinew. Robert Saxton’s For Teresa and Michael Zev Gordon’s For Fiammetta are concise, charming wife-wooings."

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  1. Skempton: Solitary Highland Song
  2. Kats-Chernin: Roses in a Box
  3. Parry, R: Fast Cloud
  4. Weir: fragile
  5. Muhly: Falling Pairs
  6. Talbot, J: Camille
  7. Knotts: Album Leaf
  8. Viner: Herz an Herz (Heart to Heart)
  9. Saxton: For Teresa
  10. Zev Gordon: For Fiammetta
  11. Pavel Zemek: Sonata No. 7, "Little Song of Love and Mercy"
  12. Hughes, B: O du Liebe meiner Liebe
  13. Hellawell: Love on the Escalator
  14. Chia-Ying Lin: Chanson perpétuelle
  15. Matthews, D: A Love Song, Op. 142
  16. Frances-Hoad: Love Song for Dusty