Paganini: 24 Caprices (CD)

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James Ehnes

James Ehnes revisits the most demanding work in the violin repertoire, and delivers an astonishing new interpretation, focusing on the lyrical rather than the pyrotechnics in the Caprices - though there is ample virtuosity on display here! These works have never been exceeded in the challenges they present for the performer, and as such are the ultimate studies for solo violin. Upon hearing Paganini play the Caprices for the first time, Liszt had serious doubts about his own abilities as a composer. In contrast, they inspired Schumann to abandon his chosen career as a writer, and take up composition.

" a masterclass in how to transform virtuosic acrobatics into sensitive 'scenes' for the violin, each one telling its own little story." Salzburger Nachrichten after Salzburg Festival performance 2009

Insightful booklet essay by Ehnes on the composer and the music.

"...Ehnes has returned to these coruscating 'finger-breakers' (as Ricci once described them), playing with the same glowing tonal finesse as before, but with a new lyrical intensity... Beguilingly played and expertly engineered, this deserves a place on anyone's shortlist of the Caprices."