Suomi: Finland 100 - A Century of Finnish Classics (5CD)

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2017 marks the centenary of Finland’s independence. This 5 CD collection encompasses works by native composers from 1917 to the present and reflects the flourishing talent, artistry and experimentation of Finland’s classical music scene. These compositions are imbued with the beauty and isolation of the Finnish landscape, while capturing the nuance and personality of each composer.

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Soile Isokoski, Jorma Hynninen & Matti Salminen

Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra, Helsinki Philharmonic Orchestra, Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, Tapiola Sinfonietta & Jyvaskyla Sinfonia, Leif Segerstam, Sakari Oramo, Jukka-Pekka Saraste, Hannu Lintu & John Storgards

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MusicWeb International

"Rautavaara's Summer Thoughts is part of a whole disc reflecting the composer's rather romantic nature-loving works for piano and violin. It's awash in memories from which images are constantly sparked off and fade and renew themselves"

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Finnish Orchestral Works I
Works by Sibelius, Kajanus, Madetoja, Pingoud, Raitio, Klami, Melartin, Aarre Merikanto, Englund


Finnish Orchestral Works II
Works by Aaltoila, Sallinen, Nordgren, Kaipainen, Saariaho, Lindberg


Finnish Concertos
Works by Aarre Merikanto, Kokkonen, Rautavaara, Mustonen


Finnish Vocal Works
Works by Sibelius, Kilpinen, Turunen, Madetoja, Linnavuori, Kaski, Ikonen, Rautavaara, Saariaho


Finnish Chamber Works
Works by Sallinen, Englund, Tiensuu, Mustonen, Rautavaara, Saariaho

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  • trad.: Niin kauan minä tramppaan
  • trad.: Tuuli se taivutti koivun larvan
  • Aaltoila: Akselin ja Elinan häävalssi (The Wedding Waltz)
  • Aaltoila: Taalla Pohjantahden Alla
  • Englund: Poroajot, from Valkoinen Peura
  • Englund: Sonata for violin and piano (1979)
  • Ikonen: Pirtissäni pimenee (My Room is Growing Darker)
  • Kaipainen: Sisyphus Dreams, Op. 47
  • Kajanus: Overtura sinfonica
  • Kaski: Lähdettyäs (After You Went Away)
  • Kilpinen: Rannalta I (From the Shore I)
  • Kilpinen: Vanha kirkko
  • Klami: Kalevala Suite, Op. 23
  • Klami: Karelian Rhapsody/Karjalainen rapsodia, Op. 15
  • Klami: The Forging of the Sampo (Sammon taonta)
  • Kokkonen: Concerto for Cello and Orchestra
  • Lindberg, M: Era
  • Linnavuori: Minä laulan sun iltasi tähtihin (I Sing for Your Evening Starlight)
  • Madetoja: Lintu sininen (Bluebird)
  • Madetoja: Luulit, ma katselin sua ... Op. 68 No. 3 (You Thought I was Watching You ...) (Text: L. Onerva)
  • Madetoja: Sunday Morning (Sunnuntaiaamu)
  • Melartin: Music from the ballet The Blue Pearl, Op. 160
  • Merikanto, A: Intrada
  • Merikanto, A: Piano Concerto No. 2
  • Mustonen: Frogs Dancing on Water-Lilies
  • Mustonen: Nonet No. 2
  • Nordgren, P: Cronaca per archi, Op. 79
  • Pingoud: Chantecler
  • Raitio: Fantasia poetica, Op. 25
  • Rautavaara: Aleksis Kivi
  • Rautavaara: Cantus Arcticus, Op. 61 (Concerto for Birds & Orchestra)
  • Rautavaara: Ikävyys (Melancholy)
  • Rautavaara: Summer Thoughts
  • Rautavaara: Sydämeni laulu
  • Saariaho: Laterna Magica for large orchestra
  • Saariaho: Leino Songs for soprano and orchestra: Sua katselen (Looking at You)
  • Saariaho: Tocar
  • Sallinen: Chamber Music II, Op. 41, for alto flute & string orchestra
  • Sallinen: The Iron Age Suite, Op. 55
  • Sallinen: The Wedding Procession of Ilmari and the Golden Woman
  • Sibelius: Andante festivo, JS34b
  • Sibelius: Demanten på marssnön, Op. 36 No. 6 (Wecksell)
  • Sibelius: Den första kyssen, Op. 37 No. 1 (Text: J.L. Runeberg)
  • Sibelius: Five Songs, Op. 37
  • Sibelius: Kaiutar, Op. 72, No. 4
  • Sibelius: Men min fågel märks dock icke, Op. 36, No. 2
  • Sibelius: Seven Runeberg Songs, Op. 13
  • Sibelius: Six Songs, Op. 36
  • Sibelius: Summer Night (Kesäyö), Op. 23 No. 3
  • Sibelius: Under strandens granar (Under the fir-trees) Op. 13 No. 1 (Runeberg)
  • Sibelius: Var det en dröm? Op. 37 No. 4 (J.J. Wecksell)
  • Tiensuu: Plus II
  • Turunen: Sunnuntai (Sunday)

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The Classical Music Collector

"OK—let’s be honest. How many Finnish composers, beyond Sibelius, can you name? If you have a penchant for the ‘new music’, you might have encountered Rautavaara or Lindberg or Saariaho, if you have dug deep into early 20th century music, perhaps Madetoja or Merikanto (who, oddly, both wrote operas, Juha, on the same novel with the same librettist). Obsessives like me might also have come across Sallinen and Raitio and Klami, and very distantly, Melartin. So, quite a few, really. But if you are interested to put all these rather disparate composers’ musics into context, this box of 5 CDs of Finnish music is just the thing. The CDs each cover a particular field: Orchestral Works I and II, Concertos (including Merikanto’s lovely Second Piano Concerto), Vocal Works, and Chamber Works. There are some unexpected things: who knew that Sibelius’s champion, Robert Kajanus, was also a composer? Ditto, the pianist Olli Mustonen? The important names are all represented, and pleasingly, by works most will probably not already have. Composer and performer portraits we’re all familiar with. But a portrait of the music of a nation? This little box is an oddity, for sure, but I got great pleasure from visiting all its corners, and I imagine you might too. And if you were to ask me if something like a national temperament emerged from all this listening, I’d have to say: you must decide for yourselves." - Chris Dench