Wagner: Tannhäuser (2Blu-ray)

Opus Arte
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Torsten Kerl, Camilla Nylund, Michelle Breedt, Bayreuth Festival Orchestra and Chorus, Axel Kober

Also available on DVD (Opus Arte OA1177D)

Torsten Kerl (Tannhäuser),
Camilla Nylund (Elisabeth),
Michelle Breedt (Venus),
Markus Eiche (Wolfram von Eschenbach),
Kwangchul Youn (Landgraf Hermann),
Lothar Odinius (Walther von der Vogelweide),
Thomas Jesatko (Biterolf),
Stefan Heibach (Heinrich der Schreiber),
Rainer Zaun (Reinmar von Zweter),


Bayreuth Festival Orchestra and Chorus,


Axel Kober (conductor) & Sebastian Baumgarten (stage director)




Recorded live at the Bayreuth Festspiele, July 2014


Wagner’s tale of the struggle between spiritual and profane love, and of redemption through love, is given a radical visual update in Sebastian Baumgarten’s controversial yet thought-provoking Bayreuth production. Joep van Lieshout’s giant installation ‘The Technocrat’ dominates the stage, its industrial interior giving credence to the idea that Tannhäuser is one big experiment and playing host to some magnificent performances, among them Torsten Kerl’s robust interpretation of the title role and Camilla Nylund’s wonderfully empathetic Elisabeth.


Extra features: Interviews with Sebastian Baumgarten, Axel Kober, Eberhard Friedrich, Torsten Kerl, Camilla Nylund, Short films: Stage technique, Make-up etc a Cast Gallery.


Running time: 252 minutes


Subtitles: EN/FR/DE/KO


Sound format: stereo/DTS Master Audio 5.1 (BLU-RAY)