Shakespeare: Twelfth Night - RSC (DVD)

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Dinita Gohil, Kara Tointon, Royal Shakespeare Company, Christopher Luscombe

Twins are separated in a shipwreck and forced to fend for themselves in a strange land. The first twin, Viola, dalls in love with Orsino, who dotes on Olivia, who falls for Viola but is idolised by Malvolio. Enter Sebastian, who is the spitting image of his twin sister... 'Twelfth Night' is a tale of unrequited love - hilarious and heartbreaking. Extra Features: Interview with Dinita Gohil, Cast Gallery and a Director's Commentary. 'Christopher Luscombe’s deliciously louche production ... it’s a visual feast ... sumptuous nostalgia' (Daily Mail). 'The most heartwarming production of Shakespeare at the RSC since director Christopher Luscombe’s last, three years ago' (Sunday Mirror).

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Dinita Gohil (Viola), Kara Tointon (Olivia), Adrian Edmonson (Malvolio), Esh Alladi (Sebastian), Nicholas Bishop (Orsini), Vivien Parry (Maria), Giles Taylor (Antonio), Michael Cochrane (Sir Andrew Aguecheek)

Royal Shakespeare Company, Christopher Luscombe