Shakespeare: The Comedy of Errors (DVD)

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Simon Harrison, Matthew Needham, ShakespeareÕs Globe, Blanche McIntyre

Simon Harrison (Antipholus of Syracuse),
Matthew Needham (Antipholus of Ephesus),
Jamie Wilkes (Dromio of Ephesus),
Brodie Ross (Dromio of Syracuse),
Hattie Ladbury (Adriana),
Becci Gemmell (Luciana)

Blanche McIntyre (director)

Recorded live at the Shakespeare’s Globe, June 2015

Based on a farce by the Roman playwright Plautus, The Comedy of Errors is the Bard’s most madcap comedy – a work full of slapstick humour and rich characterisation that centres around two sets of identical twins accidentally separated at birth. Featuring Renaissance costumes as well as contemporaneous staging, Blanche McIntyre’s debut production for the Globe ‘sparkles with wit and invention’ (WhatsOnStage), with standout performances from Matthew Needham (‘who brings a compelling fluency’ to the role of Antipholus of Ephesus’), Simon Harrison as his bewildered brother, and Hattie Ladbury who ‘elegantly articulates the lofty ideals and passions of his wife Adriana’ (Evening Standard).

- Hilarious, anarchic production based on an original Roman farce by Plautus.

- Extra features: A Cast Gallery.

Running time: 131 minutes

Sound format: Dolby stereo/DTS Surround

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