Marches from the Russian Empire (CD)

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The Admiralty Band of the Leningrad Naval Base

Recorded on this disc by the Admiralty Band (the best military band in Russia!) are fast marches, which were well-known by the early 20th century in military bands’ repertoires, but were not regimental marches. They were composed in different countries at different times, and on different occasions – German/Prussian, Austrian, Danish, French, and Russian marches. The recordings cover a great time period, from the early 19th century to the turn of the 20th century.

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  1. Blon: Soldatenblut (Soldiers' Spirit)
  2. Karl Bratfisch: Steinmetzmarsch
  3. Johann Heinrich Walch: Pariser Einzugsmarsch
  4. Philipp Fahrbach Jr.: Standartentrager, Op. 192
  5. Kral: Hoch Hapsburg, Op. 86
  6. Julius Lehnhardt: Schneidige Truppe (The Stylish, Smart Looking Troops), Op. 17
  7. Lumbye: Kong Frederik VII honnormarch
  8. Minkus: Roxanne, the Beauty of Montenegro: Montenegrin March
  9. Fucik: Schneidig vor!, Op. 79
  10. trad.: The Old Chasseurs March
  11. Planquette: Le regiment de Sambre-et-Meuse (Arr. J. Rauski for Band)
  12. Pugni: The Little Humpbacked Horse: March (Arr. for Band)
  13. F. Romain: Sonnez Clairons (Sound You Trumpets): Sonnez clairons
  14. Carl Unrath: Konig Karl (King Karl): König-Karl-Marsch, AM II, 212
  15. Philipp Fahrbach Jr.: Aufstellungsmarsch, Op. 263b
  16. Wilhelm Legrand: Bayerischen Grenadier-Garde (Bavarian Grenadier Guards March)
  17. Karl Hauschild: Frohsinn Marsch
  18. Lvov, A: 68th Borodinsky Infantry Guards March
  19. Ivan Chapievsky: Borodinsky Regimental March
  20. Lully: God Save the Tsar Ceremonial March (Attrib. H. Carey)
  21. anon.: General Muster Ceremonial March
  22. anon.: Ceremonial Retreat Ceremonial March
  23. Bortnyansky: The Lord in Zion Reigneth Ceremonial March
  24. Erik Eriksson: Marsch aus Petersburg
  25. Vasily Agapkin: Farewell to a Slavonic Woman: Farewell of Slavianka March