Wake in Fright (Standard Edition DVD)

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Awe-inspiring, brutal and stunning, Wake in Fright is the story of John Grant, a bonded teacher who arrives in the rough outback mining town of Bundanyabba planning to stay overnight before catching the plane to Sydney. But his one night stretches to five and he plunges headlong toward his own destruction. When the alcohol-induced mist lifts, the educated John Grant is no more. Instead there is a self-loathing man in a desolate wasteland, dirty, red-eyed, sitting against a tree and looking at a rifle with one bullet left... 
Believed lost for many years, Wake in Fright has been painstakingly restored by Australia's National Film and Sound Archive and AtLab Deluxe, and is presented in its original uncompromising form.

"An undisputed masterpiece... extraordinary... Every last aspect of WAKE IN FRIGHT, from the tactfully unhinged performances of Bond (who never appeared in a film again) and his fellow players, to the icily controlled direction of Ted Kotcheff (who later went on to make Weekend at Bernie's and the first Rambo flick), is executed to perfection."Leigh Paatsch HERALD-SUN - 5 STARS

"Plenty of the content has dated to the point of being offensive, but WAKE IN FRIGHT marches to a beat few films have managed. Modern movie-makers, take note."Ben McEachen, SUNDAY HERALD SUN - 4.5 STARS

"WAKE IN FRIGHT marches to a beat few films have managed. Modern movie-makers, take notes."SUNDAY TELEGRAPH - 4.5 STARS

"The best and most terrifying film about Australia in existence."- Nick Cave

M - Violence and mature themes
Release Date: 4/11/2009
Number of Discs: 1
Runtime: 108.0 mins
Format: DVD
Barcode: 9322225194175 
Catalogue Number: MMA2967A
Copyright: 2009 Wake in Fright Trust