As it is in Heaven (DVD)

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Sometimes, inspiration is where you least expect it...

NOMINATED Best Foreign Language Film, 77th Annual Academy Awards® 

Daniel Daréus is a successful international conductor at the top of his game, but he is lonely, miserable and exhausted by the demands of his high profile life style. After suffering a physical and emotional breakdown, Daniel abruptly interrupts his career and returns, alone, to Norrland, the village of his childhood located in a remote part of northern Sweden. Immediately upon his arrival his fame makes him the object of curiosity, fascination and suspicion. Soon he is asked to come and "offer a bit of good advice" to the small church choir, which practices every Thursday in the parish hall. 
Daniel resists being dragged back into the spotlight, yet he finds that there is no way he can gracefully refuse the choir's request, and reluctantly he agrees to help. As he begins to work with the choir, Daniel, quite to his own surprise, begins to rediscover his long-lost joy for music. But his work with the choir is a serious threat to the town's status quo, and Daniel finds himself surrounded by enemies, including the jealous parish priest and a dangerous and violent enemy from his past. At the same time he makes new friends, among them the lovely and sensitive Lena, a woman who helps him overcome his fear and loneliness. Daniel's life, and the lives of the people of Norrland, will never be the same.

"A charming, disarmingly frank, robustly opinionated and sweetly tuneful film"- Paul Byrnes, SYDNEY MORNING HERALD - 4 STARS

"Likeable, poignant... an uplifting tale"- Phillipa Hawker, THE AGE

"Wonderfully engaging and enthralling... a remarkable story about living life, the passion to pursue one?s dream"- MOVIE XCLUSIVE.COM

M - Moderate coarse language; Moderate themes; Moderate violence
Release Date: 13/02/2008
Languages: Swedish
Subtitles: English
Number of Discs: 1
Runtime: 126.0 mins
Format: DVD
Barcode: 9322225050778
Catalogue Number: MMA2507
Copyright: © Sonet Film AB 2004 All rights reserved

DVD Special Features

  • - Original Theatrical trailer and teaser