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A special CD to celebrate Move Records’ 50th year. Twenty-four Australian composers were invited to create a new short work for this special commemorative disc.

The works vary in length, from Tony Gould's delightful one minute offering, to an amazing eight minute piece for bass flute performed by Peter Sheridan. Other performers include Christopher Young, Ron Nagorcka, Lyndon Green, Merlyn Quaife, Andrea Katz, Gabriella Smart, Stefan Cassomenos, Benjamin Price, Warren Burt, Linda Kouvaras, Deviani Segal, and Robert Schubert.

15 of the works are performed by pianist extraordinaire Michael Kieran Harvey.

For 50 years Move Records has been supporting Australian classical and jazz composers and musicians. Move 50 is a landmark CD featuring twenty-four Australian composers who contributed mostly original works to mark the occasion. The booklet includes brief commentary from each of the composers.

On the back cover of the booklet a poetic tribute from Arjun von Caemmerer sums up just some of the commitment Move Records has shown to the Australian Music Industry.

Move 50 will appeal to those listeners who appreciate both standard and experimental classical and jazz compositions. The talent and variety of music is immense, offering broad appeal.

Celebrate Move's Golden Anniversary now with MOVE 50!

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  1. Heritage - Tony Gould
  2. Noah - Roger Heagney
  3. Pathways - Christopher Young
  4. Bitter and Sweet - Kanako Okamoto
  5. L-ove Records - Vaughan McAlley
  6. Outbreak of Love Prelude - George Dreyfus
  7. A Memory on the Move - Ron Nagorcka
  8. Deep Blue - Andrea Keller
  9. Keen - Michael Kieran Harvey
  10. An Endless Ripple - Brenton Broadstock
  11. Wisdom - Christopher Willcock
  12. Mystic Morn - Ros Bandt
  13. Sonnet afer John Keats - Gordon Kerry
  14. Iconoclast 2 - Michael Bertram
  15. From a Star Afar - Eve Duncan
  16. Milestone Tribute - Don Kay
  17. Expansion - Heart Reflects the Sky - Kate Tempany
  18. Dark Star - Paul Moulatlet
  19. Saral Aavart Gati - Andrián Pertout
  20. Postlude - Warren Burt
  21. Interpolationen - Simon Barber
  22. Northcote Days - Linda Kouvaras
  23. Sisyphus - Brendan Colbert
  24. Stepping up Birthday - Julian Yu


  • Tony Gould · piano · track 1
  • Michael Kieran Harvey · piano · tracks 2, 4—10, 14—17, 19, 21 and 23
  • Christopher Young · saxophone · track 3
  • Ron Nagorcka · didjeridu · track 7
  • Andrea Katz · piano · track 11
  • Gabriella Smart · piano · track 12
  • Stefan Cassomenos · piano · track 13
  • Merlyn Quaife · vocal · track 13
  • Peter Sheridan · flute · track 18
  • Warren Burt · electronics · track 20
  • Linda Kouvaras · piano · track 22
  • Deviani Segal · piano · track 22
  • Robert Schubert · clarinet · track 24

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A significant anniversary, celebrated with new music.



Unbelievably, the Australian record label Move Recordscelebrated its fiftieth anniversary last year. Over those decades, Move has been vigilant in promoting Australian work (along with some important releases of English music). The company marked its anniversary by commissioning short pieces from 24 Australian composers. This disc is the result.

Music lovers are aware that by now contemporary music is no longer as "difficult" or atonal as it became in the mid-late 20th century. Today, styles labeled (mainly for convenience) as post-impressionist or post-minimalist utilise tonal harmony, and are primarily studies in texture designed to delight the ear. There are many such pieces here. Among them are Pathwaysby saxophonist Christopher Young(who plays here with guitar, bass and drums). Not at all jazzy, this haunting piece was inspired by the composer's time living in Poland. Equally evocative is Gordon Kerry's ethereal setting of John Keats' poem "On Sitting Down to Read King Lear Once Again", sung by soprano Merlyn Quaife.

The bulk of the works are for solo piano, all performed with great sensitivity by Michael Kieran Harvey. If he is not the unsung hero of Australian music, he's definitely under-sung –but not by Move Records, who have produced over two dozen CDs with this remarkable composer/pianist. Whether it is the Scriabin-like Bitter and Sweetby Kanako Okamoto, the grand concertising of George DreyfusOutbreak of Love, or the tantalising patterns of An Endless Rippleby Brenton Broadstock, Kieran Harvey invariably conveys the essence of the music.

A few pieces deal with extending instrumental techniques. One is Paul Moulatlet's Dark Star(2016) for bass flute, played by Peter Sheridan; another is Warren Burt's Postlude. I must say these strike me as probably more fun for the composer and performer than for the casual listener. Kieran Harvey's own piece for prepared piano (Keen), on the other hand, marries musical argument to sonic experimentation. To close, we have a brief track from an earlier disc: Julian Yu's very witty variation on Happy Birthdayfor clarinet and string quartet. It strikes just the right note to end this terrific celebratory collection. 4 STARS