Dances and Delights (CD)

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Monash University Flute Ensemble, Peter Sheridan, Tony Gould, Rhys Boak

Featuring premiere recordings of Australian and American works for the modern flute ensemble, this album is filled with sounds of spirit and serenity. Take a journey from waltzes and fancy two-steps to beautiful arrangements of the most memorable tunes ever written.

Compositions by legendary jazz pianist Tony Gould, and award-winning composers Daniel Dorff, Carolyn Morris and Adrienne Albert round out this disc in a delightful collection of silvery sweet sounds that you will come back to again and again.

The Monash University Flute Ensemble is directed by Peter Sheridan. The flautists perform on the wide array of instruments from the modern day flute ensemble (from piccolo to hyperbass flute).

A specialist in low flutes (bass, contrabass and sub-contrabass flutes), performer Peter Sheridan has commissioned over seventy compositions for these unique instruments.

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Joachim Anderson : Valsette

Harold Arlen: Over The Rainbow 

David Henderson: Consortium

Tony Gould: A New Spring Day 

Adrienne Albert: Visions of Grace

Dmitri Shostakovich: Danse Fantastique, Op. 6: No. 11 

James Mustafa: Portrait de l'homme du commun

Rika Ishige: Brindavan

Houston Dunleavy: Evening Prayer 

Carolyn Morris: Oceana

James Horner: My Heart Will Go On 

Daniel Dorff: Fireworks