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The Evergreen Ensemble

During the 18th Century, in Scotland, folk songs were regularly performed alongside Corelli and Vivaldi with no notion of one style being greater than the other. Likewise, within the 13 tracks of "Snow in Summer", alongside 18th century sonatas you’ll hear arrangements of folk songs: sparse, ambient string textures, plucked notes resonating like stars in a clear nights sky, and a voice soaring high above.

Snow in Summer is based on the music of Northern Scotland and Scandinavia, with ancient vocal and instrumental melodies interspersed with new composi- tions inspired by rugged northern landscapes. Winter is a time of solitude, but also of festivity and story-telling. Snow in Summer gives the space to reflect on the passing of time, the seasons, memories and loves lost, and connections to the land.

Inspired by the beauty of this repertoire which blends baroque and folk music idioms, Evergreen Ensemble has commissioned a series of sonatas entitled ‘Australian Seasons’, one of which will be premiered at their Snow in Summer concert tour. Written by the young, Sydney-based composer Alice Chance, it explores a new genre of Australian baroque music written in the 21st century.

The Evergreen Ensemble features four richly experienced and diversely talented female musicians from Melbourne, Sydney and Geelong: Shane Lestideau, Claire Patti, Jennifer Eriksson and Samantha Cohen.

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"Another Northern-influenced disc comes from all-female, art-meets-folk group Evergreen Ensemble. Between them, Shane Lestideau, Claire Patti, Jennifer Eriksson and Samantha Cohen hail from Melbourne, Sydney and Geelong and here sing a selection of Scottish music that may not be specifically for Christmas, but carries an unmistakable echo of cold nights and warm fires. There’s even a commission, the attractive Odd Ditty by Australian compsoser Alice Chance. So, not entirely Christmassy, but an appealing disc for folk-lovers." - Clive Paget, Limelight Magazine

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  1. Jag Vet en Dejlig Rosa (Traditional)
  2. Unst Boat Song / Guldklimpen (Traditional)
  3. The Snap Dragon (James Oswald) - Movement 1
  4. The Snap Dragon (James Oswald) - Movement 2
  5. Odd Ditty (Alice Chance)
  6. Tullochgorum / Deil Amang the Tailors (Traditional)
  7. The Snowdrop (James Oswald) - Movement 1
  8. The Snowdrop (James Oswald) - Movement 2
  9. Ca' the Yowes (Traditional)
  10. Sonata XI for Viola da Gamba (Lorenzo Bocchi) - Movement 1
  11. Sonata XI for Viola da Gamba (Lorenzo Bocchi) - Movement 2
  12. Sonata XI for Viola da Gamba (Lorenzo Bocchi) - Movement 3
  13. Twist Ye, Twine Ye / Blooms Like Stars (Traditional)