Telemann: Six Concerti (CD)

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Hans-Dieter Michatz, Monika Kornel

Hans-Dieter Michatz (recorder) and Monika Kornel (harpsichord) perform Telemann's Six Concerti. This is Telemann at his very best!

We present this rare recording of his masterly compositions for obbligato keyboard and flute, from the collection of ‘6 Concerti and 6 Suites’.

These pieces have stayed ‘under the radar’ of standard performance repertoire for a long time, and this recording realises them in the attractive combination of recorder and harpsichord.

Telemann’s 6 Concerti employ a large variety of musical forms and a typical mix of national styles and affects, allowing for joyful music making between the equally demanding parts.

Playing modern and baroque flute as well as recorder, Hans-Dieter Michatz has performed and recorded with The Australian Opera and Ballet Orchestra, The Sydney Chamber Orchestra, Sydney Philharmonia Choirs, the ABC, the Australian Brandenburg Orchestra, as well as in Musica Viva Education Project.

Monika Kornel studied piano at the Torun State Conservatorium of Music (Poland), where she received her Diploma in Music Performance.

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4 Stars

"This new recording is a most welcome addition to the growing body of works restoring (Telemann's) fame and prestige to modern listeners. Hans-Dieter Michatz and Monica Kornel have ... a natural affinity for Telemann's music (and each other). Concerto no 2 is especially beguiling, played as it is on a tenor recorder ... in the beautiful and searching opening largo ... there is ample opportunity for tasteful ornamentation that enhances rather than obscures the tune." - Robert Small


"Hans-Dieter and Monika have worked together for a long time and one might say that they have got it right - the harpsichord accompaniment is almost background, affectionately melded to the recorder. It is a very pleasant-listening CD, delightful concerti, and polished in both performance and recording."


"Michatz’s recorder playing, with his tasteful conception of ornamentation, varied palette of articulations, careful control of dynamics, choice of instruments, and careful attention to ensemble interaction, is a real joy ... Michatz and Kornel provide solid advocacy for Telemann in fair weather and foul, and the programme as a whole casts important new light for me on the varied output of a varied composer." - John Weretka

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Concerto I in D major, TWV 42

Concerto II in G minor, TWV 42

Concerto III in A major, TWV 42

Concerto IV in E minor, TWV 42

Concerto V in B minor, TWV 42

Concerto VI in A minor, TWV 42