DUO BLOCKSTIX: Works for Percussion and Recorder (CD)

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Duo Blockstix (Alicia Crossley & Joshua Hill)

Duo Blockstix are a unique and vibrant Australian ensemble featuring recorder player Alicia Crossley and percussionist Joshua Hill. With a shared love for contemporary music, Alicia and Joshua formed Duo Blockstix in 2014 and have performed in concerts and festivals around Australia. The duo perform repertoire spanning 800 years, presenting innovative new works and textural soundscapes alongside traditional masterpieces. Duo Blockstix are also passionate supporters of Australian music and strive to collaborate with Australian composers to encourage the creation of inspired, conceptual, and virtuosic new compositions.

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“For sure, this duo combination is an exceptional one in its composition and the confidence of its members. Crossley and Hill are to be applauded for their enterprise in working closely with pretty well all of the seven composers and getting music out of them. Four of these works come from this current year – Rojas, Day, Oliveiro, Barbeler – while the other three date from 2014. All works were premiered (Cutlan’s piece in this format) during a recital by Duo Blockstix on June 15 this year at the Wesley Music Centre, Canberra. If you are after about 52 minutes of generally soothing, breathy music that makes no demands but just nibbles at your consciousness, this CD fits the bill.” - Clive O'Connell, O'Connell the Music

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1. .. of magic and realism (for recorder and marimba)
Duo Blockstix/Daniel Rojas (composer)

2. Duo-Generare (for bass recorder, marimba and suspended cymbal)
Duo Blockstix/Peter McNamara (composer)

3. Five Easy Pieces (for recorder and marimba)
Duo Blockstix/Julian Day (composer)

4. Resonant Voice (for bass recorder and percussion)
Duo Blockstix/Damian Barbeler (composer)

5-8. Auto Dafe Suite (for bass recorder and marimba)
Duo Blockstix/Mark Oliveiro (composer)

9-11. Pencils (for recorder and marimba)
Duo Blockstix/Tim Hansen (composer)

12. Affirmation (for bass recorder (amplified) and marimba)
Duo Blockstix/Paul Cutlan (composer)