Stories - Berio and Friends (CD)

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Theatre of Voices, Paul Hillier

Paul Hillier leads Theatre of Voices in a fascinating programme centred on Luciano Berio: "Although not all these composers actually knew each other, I think of them as a group of mutual friends with shared interests and predilections. If there is a link between them it is perhaps the influence of John Cage, though it could almost equally have been the personality of Cathy Berberian. I’ve had the privilege of meeting them all except Berio. The largest work is Berio’s A-Ronne, which is for me an iconic example of the representative madrigal in modern dress. Mostly the pieces appear to tell a story – or stories – but avoid getting to the point. Two of them advance in straight lines by following the alphabet (A- Ronne, Stripsody), while others go round in circles, around and around." - Paul Hillier