Debussy: '... et le jazz' - Preludes For A Quartet (CD)

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Quatuor Debussy

A century after his death on 25 March 1918, many harmonia mundi artists are eager to pay tribute to Claude Debussy, the magician of melody and timbre, the great ‘colourist’ and father of modern music. We also wished to honour the composer of Pelléas as one of those creative artists who, long before Louis Armstrong and Bill Evans, had a determining influence on certain harmonic colours of jazz. Let us therefore salute the initiative of the appropriately named Quatuor Debussy, which, with the friendly collaboration of leading jazz personalities, has revisited the Préludes in its own way. And at the end of the work, what title would Debussy have inscribed? ‘… note bleue’?

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Around Debussy's Preludes
Claude Debussy (1862-1918)

1. "C" Influences
Vincent Peirani (… La Fille aux cheveux de lin) (Livre I/8) and (… “General Lavine”- excentric) (Livre II/6)
String quartet and accordion

2. Les Sixtièrces alternées
from (… Les Tièrces alternées) (Livre II/11), transcription by Marc Vieillefon
String quartet

3. Midi, do majeur
Franck Tortiller from (… Les Tièrces alternées) (Livre II/11),
String quartet and vibraphone

4. Des pas sur la neige
from (… Des pas sur la neige) (Livre I/6), transcription by Alain Brunier
String quartet

5. À l'ombre de la cathédrale...
Jean-Philippe Collard-Neven from (… La Cathédrale engloutie) (Livre I/10)
String quartet , piano and double bass

6. Minstrels
from (… Minstrels) (Livre I/12), transcription by Alain Brunier and Marc Vieillefon
String quartet

7. Danza del vino
from(… La Puerta del vino) (Livre II/3) Franck Tortiller
String quartet and vibraphone

8. Bruyères
from (… Bruyères) (Livre II/5), transcription by Alain Brunier
String quartet

9. Bussie's blues
Lionel Belmondo and Jacky Terrasson from (… Bruyères) (Livre II/5), (… Danseuses de Delphes) (Livre I/1), (… Des pas sur la neige) (Livre I/6), (… Les sons et les parfums tournent dans l’air du soir) (Livre I/4)
String quartet and piano

10. La Fille aux cheveux de lin
from (...La Fille aux cheveux de lin) (Livre I/8), transcription by Quatuor Debussy
String quartet