Charpentier: Histoires sacrées (2CD+1DVD)

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Ensemble Correspondances, Sébastien Daucé

Marc-Antoine Charpentier is the only composer of the age of Louis XIV to have distinguished himself so remarkably in the genre of the ‘sacred history’: he wrote more than thirty such works, all composed after his residence in Italy.

Sébastien Daucé and the Ensemble Correspondances have carefully extracted from this outstanding corpus a number of gems that reflect both his experience in Rome (probably studying with Carissimi, the master of the oratorio) and the humanist concerns of an entire period.

Like a miniature opera, each piece relates an exemplary destiny, including several strong-willed women (Judith, Cecilia, Mary Magdalene) and a deep friendship put to the test (Mors Saülis and Jonathæ).

As a bonus, a DVD of the show from 2016 is included.

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Charpentier, M-A: Cæcilia, virgo et martyr octo vocibus, H. 397
Motet pour les Trépassés
Dialogus inter Magdalenam et Jesum, H. 423: Hei, hei mihi infelix Magdalena
Judith sive Bethulia liberata H. 391
Mors Saülis et Jonathae H 403
Prelude pour Mementote peccatores, H. 425a
Dialogus inter Christum et peccatores, H. 425
Dialogus inter Christum et homines H. 417
Élévation, H. 408
Pestis mediolanensis, H. 398