Monteverdi: Vespro della beata Vergine - 1610 (2CD)

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Concerto Vocale, René Jacobs

Maria Cristina Kiehr, Barbara Borden, Andreas Scholl, John Bowen, Victor Torres, Andrew Murgatroyd, Antonio Abete, Jelle Draijer

Concerto Vocale, Nederlands Kamerkoor & Nederlands CO, René Jacobs

René Jacobs leads what by 1990s standards is a large-scale performance of Monteverdi's popular 1610 Vespers: not only does he use a chorus in the Psalms and Magnificat, but he has his instrumentalists double the vocal parts for much of the time as well. In fact, Jacobs has encouraged his lead cornettist (the extraordinary Jean Tubéry) to embellish freely and has even added a part (evidently newly composed) for him in one of the Psalms (Laetatus sum).

The performance is as lively and as colorful as all of this would lead you to expect, but the moments of calm devotion are nicely done as well--most notably the soprano duet "Pulchra es," sung spellbindingly by Maria Cristina Kiehr and Barbara Borden. Every one of the soloists does sterling work, in fact; they are this performance's greatest strength.  

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Vespro della beata Vergine

I. Deus in adjutorium

II. Dixit Dominus

III. Nigra sum, a voce sola

IV. Laudate pueri

V. Pulchra es

VI. Laetatus sum

VII. Duo Seraphim

VIII. Nisi Dominus

IX. Audi cœlum

X. Lauda Jerusalem

XI. Ave Maris Stella

XII. Sonata a 8 sopra "Sancta Maria pro nobis"


Antienne "Sancta Maria, succure miserie" - Magnificat

Et exultavit

Quia respexit

Quia fecit

Et misericordia

Fecit potentiam



Suscepit Israel

Sicut locutus est

Gloria Patri

Sicut erat - Antienne (reprise) - Benedicamus Domino

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