J.S. Bach: Violin Concerto & Double Concertos (CD)

Harmonia Mundi
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Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin, Midori Seiler, Raphael Alpermann, Jorg Andreas Botticher, Christoph Huntgeburth

Violin Concerto in D minor, BWV1052

Concerto for Two Keyboards in C minor, BWV1062

Concerto for Harpsichord & Two Recorders, BWV1057

Concerto for Oboe & Violin in C minor, BWV1060

Midori Seiler, Raphael Alpermann, Jorg Andreas Botticher & Christoph Huntgeburth

Akademie für Alte Musik Berlin

This unusual recording offers you the chance to look into the ‘composer’s workshop’ with four concertos by Bach: two of them are his own transcriptions of earlier works (the fourth Brandenburg and the Concerto for two violins), while the other two are highly convincing reconstructions of original concertos, still based on Bach’s own transcriptions!