Alessandro Scarlatti: Quella pace gradita (CD)

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Alicia Amo, Giuseppina Bridelli, Filippo Mineccia, La Ritirata, Josetxu Obregon

In a new recording of music by Alessandro Scarlatti, Josetxu Obregón’s La Ritirata parades its dazzling vocal and instrumental talents in presenting the four cantatas which involve recorders and violins, together with an additional standalone soprano aria, for a further Glossa Neapolitan-flavoured release.

Drawn from his well over 800 secular cantatas, these works combine fully-integrated, imaginative recitatives, expressive and dramatic arias and colourful and exacting instrumental sinfonias and ritornelli into elegant and compact wholes, featuring poetic texts which typically followed the aspirations of the Accademia degli Arcadi literary circle initiated in Rome around the turn of the eighteenth century.

The scene for Scarlatti’s prolific creativity is set by Stefano Russomanno in his booklet essay.

The vocal duties are assigned to three leading interpreters of today, mezzo Giuseppina Bridelli, countertenor Filippo Mineccia and soprano Alicia Amo. Rising here to the instrumental challenges set by Scarlatti are long-standing members of La Ritirata,

Tamar Lalo (recorder) and Hiro Kurosaki (violin), who are joined on their respective instruments by Michael Form and Pablo Prieto. With cellist Obregón, Lalo and Kurosaki had been the leading soloists for La Ritirata’s recent Neapolitan Concertos for Various Instruments release.

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1-7. E perche non seguite, o pastorelle
8. Sconsolato rusignolo
9-13. Filen, mio caro, H.263
14-20. Quella pace gradita, H.610
21-25. Tu sei quella, che al nome, H.743