Rore: Vieni dolce Himineo & Other Madrigals (CD)

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La Compagnia del Madrigale

With Vieni, dolce ImeneoLa Compagnia del Madrigale make another important halt on their compelling journey across the territory of Italian secular song with a disc devoted to one of the most significant, yet these days somewhat bypassed, composers: Cipriano de Rore. De Rore was a Fleming who enjoyed great success notably in the Italian courts of Ferrara and Parma – but with a prestige which extended up and across Europe. He composed in many genres, but it is the secular madrigal – recorded here – where his skill was most valued, for example in creating extended and expressive melodic lines coupled with innovatory pre-echoes of the seconda pratica so triumphantly expressed – albeit amidst great criticism – by Claudio Monteverdi.

Recordings – all also on Glossa – of madrigals by Marenzio, Gesualdo and Monteverdi have already demonstrated musical pleasures such as an uncommon vocal blend and delicacy, and a meticulous dynamic control exhibited by the richly-experienced members of La Compagnia del Madrigale, and those delights are to be experienced with these 19 madrigals by Cipriano de Rore, composed late in his career.

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  1. Dalle belle contrade d’oriente 
  2. Candido e vago fiore
  3. Mentre lumi maggior 
  4. Un’altra volta la Germania strida 
  5. Poi che mi invita Amore 
  6. Non è lasso martire
  7. Alcun non può saper 
  8. Sebben il duol 
  9. Alma Susanna 
  10. O sonno 
  11. Di virtù, di costumi 
  12. Tra più beati e più sublimi cori 
  13. Convien ch’ovunque sia 
  14. Vieni, dolce Imeneo 
  15. Mia benigna fortuna 
  16. Volgi ’l tuo corso 
  17. Come la notte 
  18. L’alto signor 
  19. O morte, eterno fin