Hymns of Vaughan Williams (CD)

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Cardiff Festival Choir, Owain Arwel Hughes

Since his student days Ralph Vaughan Williams had been delving into the roots of English music through a study of folksong and Elizabethan and Jacobean music.. He believed passionately in preserving such material saying in lectures given in 1902-3 that 'the collector of folk songs gives them back again to the world...will they not, perhaps, once more make their way back to the mouths of the people?' He was aware that for many people music sung in church was their one experience of practical music making each week 'and it was all too unworthy both of their faith and of music itself'




Vaughan Williams:

For all the saints (Sine nomine)

Come down, O Love divine (Down Ampney)

At the name of Jesus every knee shall bow

The king of love my shepherd is

He who would valiant be

I vow to thee my country

Jesus Christ is risen today

All creatures of our God and king

Welcome day of the lord

Rest of the weary

Saviour again, to thy dear name we raise

Teach me, my God and king

Fierce raged the tempest over the deep

Into the wood the master went

God be wit hyou till we meet again

England arise the long night is over

It is a thing most wonderful

The night is come like to the day

Servants of the great adventure

Servants of God, or sons

Let us now praise famous men


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"With Vaughan Williams and the Cardiff Festival Choir comes a strength of a different kind. This derives partly from the performers, but largely from RVW who,...having to find harmonies for tunes, did so in a way that suited their character...The Choir perform with spirit,...the women...with unfailing beauty of tone"
- Gramophone


BBC Music Magazine

August 2008


“It's striking how many of the New English Hymnal's favourites are actually VW's own creations, mostly as 'Anon'. Hughes and his Cardiff voices do robust justice to this richly melodic selection.”

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