Stuart Age Music (CD)

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Sirinu: Sarah Stowe, Jon Banks, Henry Stobart, Matthew Spring

This successful re-enactment ensemble brings “music from troubled times” – the arrival of the Scottish Kings, Catholicism and civil war. “Tunes from Troubled Times” brings to you songs and dances from the era of the Suart Monarchs; a period of bloody civil war, colourful kings and the lust for life of the common people.  Songs and dances are included, from the spectacular court masques, harp music from the Scottish Castles and folk music for bagpipes, hurdy-gurdy, and pipe and tabor from the village green.  Sirinu round off their recording with broadside ballads – topical stories sold in markets and fairs which were the tabloids of the age.

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  1. Medley: The Whim, Bobbing Joe, Goddesses, Red House, Grimstock - Trad
  2. When the king enjoys his own again 
  3. Gather ye rosebuds - William Lawes
  4. Johney cock thy beaver - Anon
  5. I wish I were where Helen lies - Trad
  6. The witches 
  7. Fairest isle - Henry Purcell
  8. I serve a worthie lady 
  9. Martin said to his man - Trad
  10. La Folia, division on a ground 
  11. No more shall meads - Nicholas Lanier
  12. Green grows the rushes 
  13. Tomorrow the fox will come to town - Trad
  14. Frog’s galliard 
  15. The jolly barber - Trad
  16. Greensleeves to a ground - Anon
  17. A masque 
  18. The Queen’s masque 
  19. The saint turned sinner - Trad
  20. Daphne 
  21. No, no, fair heretic - William Lawes
  22. Medley: Heart’s ease, Cuckolds all in a row, Hockley in the hole - Trad