17th Century Playlist (CD)

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Ed Lyon, Theatre of the Ayre

Tenor Ed Lyon has been one of the UK’s most versatile and sought-after soloists for over a decade. Now, for Delphian, comes his first solo recording project, inspired by the immediacy, joy and freedom found in seventeenth-century music.

Joined by Theatre of the Ayre – a flexible and innovative ensemble led by the lutenist Elizabeth Kenny – he has conceived his very own ‘playlist’: a live mixtape of the songs, simultaneously catchy and sophisticated, which became earworms for the listeners of their day.

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1. Cavalli: Misero, cosi va (from Eliogabalo)
2. Landi: Passacaglia della Vita
3. Guedron: Aux plaisirs, aus delices, bergeres
4. Lanier: Love's Constancy
5. Moulinie: O stelle homicide
6. Fontana: Sonata No 17
7. Lambert: Vos mespris chaque jour
8. Boesset: Je voudrois bien, o Cloris
9. Landi: Augellin che'l tuo amor
10. Le Camus: Je veux me plaindre