The Quarrel of the Te Deums (CD)

Ch√Ęteau de Versailles Spectacles
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Choeur Marguerite Louise, Ensemble Baroque de Nantes, Daniel Cuiller

Two rival yet similar works, an illustration of a “Quarrel of the Te Deums”, a true war of mottled violin scores, a frivolous echo of Louis XV‘s final victories. It is also the rediscovery of two of the most talented composers amongst Rameau’s contemporaries, François Colin de Blamont and Esprit Joseph Antoine Blanchard. Daniel Cuiller appropriates this music with the voracity which had led him to revive a previous Te Deum, on that occasion by Henri Madin, and which was covered with praise. Add to this the brilliant singers of the Marguerite Louise choir which is directed by Gaétan Jarry and the virtuoso musicians of Stradivaria, Daniel replied with enthusiasm to this “commission” for the Royal Chapel of Versailles.

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E.J. Antoine Blanchard

  1. Te Deum Laudamus
  2. Tibi Omnes Angeli
  3. Tibi Cherubim Et Seraphim
  4. Pleni Sunt Caeli Et Terra
  5. Patrem Immensae Majestatis
  6. Tu Rex Gloriae
  7. Te Ergo Quaesumus
  8. Aterna Fac
  9. Salvum Fac
  10. Per Singulos Dies
  11. Dignare Domine
  12. In Te Domine Speravi

Francois Colin De Blamont

  1. Te Deum Laudamus
  2. Te Deum Laudamus
  3. Tibi Omnes Angeli Tibi Cherubim Et Seraphim
  4. Sanctus Dominus Deus Sabaoth
  5. Pleni Sunt Caeli Et Terra
  6. Te Gloriosus Apostolorum - Patrem Immensae Majestatis
  7. Tu Rex Gloriae
  8. Tu, Devicto
  9. Te Ergo Quaesumus - Æterna Fac
  10. Salvum Fac
  11. Per Singulos Dies
  12. Dignare Domine
  13. Fiat Misericordia Tua
  14. In Te Domine Speravi