Addicted to Bass (CD)

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Alicia Crossley

Alicia Crossley’s premiere solo CD, featuring 7 innovative compositions by Australian composers featuring bass recorder.

Alicia Crossley is one of Australia’s leading recorder players. She performs a wide variety of repertoire from renaissance dance tunes to contemporary electro-acoustic works with a particular interest in bass recorder repertoire.

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1. Tristan Coelho: As the Dust Settles
for bass recorder and vibraphone

2. Mark Oliveiro: Calliphora
for bass recorder and electronics

3. Andrew Batt-Rawden: "E"
for bass recorder and electronics

4-7. Chris Williams: Canto-Fiato
for bass recorder, viola and percussion

8. Elias Constantopedos: Doppelganger
for bass recorder and live electronics

9. Alex Pozniak: Impulse Stream
for solo bass recorder

10. Hayden Woolf: Night Seller Tissue Season
for soprano, bass recorder and piano