De La Guerre: Chamber Music From The Brossard Collection (CD)

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The Bach Players

Already at the age of five Élisabeth Jacquet de La Guerre (1665-1729) was a sensation as a musical wunderkind, and Louis XIV encouraged her to further develop her "wonderful talent". Extraordinary for women at the time, she remained highly esteemed throughout her life as an interpreter, teacher and composer. The Bach Players provide a subtle interpretation of this exquisite music.

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Jacquet de la Guerre:

  1. Prelude in G minor
  2. Trio Sonata in G minor
  3. Prelude in A minor
  4. Violin Sonata in A minor
  5. Trio Sonata in C minor
  6. Tocade in F
  7. Trio Sonata in B flat
  8. Prelude in D minor
  9. Violin Sonata in A minor
  10. Trio Sonata in D

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The subject of this collection of late seventeenth century sonatas is Elisabeth Jacquet de la Guerre, one of the few women composers known to us from the Baroque epoch. Her career started very early and was encouraged by no lesser a figure than Louis XIV; as well as the chamber music recorded here, she wrote a number of appealing solo voice cantatas, and six powerful harpsichord Suites, all of which are beginning to appear on disc.

Unsurprisingly, it is thought that much of the music on this new Coviello CD has never been recorded before—we are likely the first audience to hear this repertoire in over three hundred years. All of which would be of merely scholarly interest were not the music so remarkably, dignifiedly, beautiful. It is clear that Jacquet de la Guerre’s fame was truly well-founded.

- The Classical Music Collector, Chris Drench