Star of Heaven: The Eton Choirbook Legacy (CD)

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The Sixteen, Harry Christophers

The Eton Choirbook is famous – and important – because it uniquely preserves some of the most spectacular music composed in Britain before the age of Purcell and Handel. Had this book not survived, literally dozens of superb pieces would have been irretrievably lost; among them would have been the ones by Walter Lambe, William Cornysh and Robert Wylkynson on this album. Whilst the book itself is of huge historic significance, its legacy is immeasurable, informing and influencing scores of composers and performers for more than 500 years. This unique recording emphasises that legacy with the premiere of four new works by contemporary composers all commissioned by the Genesis Foundation and all inspired by the works from the Eton Choirbook alongside which they sit. This album also features Stephen Hough’s stunning exploration of faith worldwide—Hallowed—which was commissioned for The British Museum’s ‘Living with Gods’ exhibition.

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  1. Plainsong Nesciens mater
  2. Lambe (1450-1504) Nesciens mater
  3. Joseph Phibbs (b.1974) Nesciens mater *
  4. Cornysh (1465-1523) Ave Maria, mater Dei
  5. Phillip Cooke (b.1980) Ave Maria, mater Dei *
  6. James MacMillan (b.1959) O virgo prudentissima *
  7. Lambe Stella caeli
  8. Marco Galvani (b.1994) Stella caeli *
  9. Wylkynson (c.1450-1515) Salve Regina
  10. Stephen Hough (b.1961) Hallowed *

* Commissioned by  the Genesis Foundation