An English Sett for Trumpet (CD)

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Jonathan Freeman-Attwood, Daniel-Ben Pienaar

Trumpeter Jonathan Freeman-Attwood and pianist Daniel-Ben Pienaar continue their ‘ear-ticklingly imaginative’ series of musical reinventions with a celebration of the golden era of English music.

Featuring heavyweights of the 16th and 17th centuries, such as Byrd, Gibbons, Tomkins, Lawes and Locke, the pair inspire arrangements by Timothy Jones which bring this music alive in a thrilling, entertaining and intimate chamber medium.

Performing on modern trumpet and Steinway piano, Freeman-Attwood and Pienaar relish the opportunity to challenge the established interpretation of these works.

They succeed by drawing on interpretative instincts, inclinations, and inflections gleaned from their wide performance experience, whilst deliberately referencing their accumulated knowledge of performance practices of the period.

Comprising mesmerizing dances, songs, fantasies and variations, this is a journey which re-ignites our appreciation and love for forgotten gems from the Elizabethan, Jacobean and Caroline worlds.

This is another must-have recording in Freeman-Attwood’s critically acclaimed ‘boundary-busting’ series.

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  1. Jenkins Fantasy No. 1 in G major
  2. Byrd La verginella
  3. Tomkins Oyez! Has any found a lad
  4. Gibbons Go from my window
  5. Lawes Harpe Consort No. 8 in G major: Pavan and divisions
  6. Lawes Consort Sett a 6 in G minor: 2. Fantasy
  7. Lawes Consort Sett a 6 in B flat major: 1. Fantasy
  8. Lawes Sett No. 2 a 3 in G major: Almaine
  9. Gibbons O that the learned poets
  10. Gibbons The silver swanne
  11. Wilbye Adew, sweet Amarillis
  12. Bennet All creatures now are merry-minded
  13. Byrd Though I be brown
  14. Morley Now is the month of maying
  15. Locke Suite No. 2 in C minor: Fantasy
  16. Locke Suite No. 2 in C minor: Courante
  17. Locke Suite No. 2 in C minor: Ayre
  18. Locke Suite No. 2 in C minor: Sarabande
  19. Jenkins Newark Siege: Pavan
  20. Byrd The Sixth Pavan and Galliard ‘Kinbrugh Goodd’: Pavan
  21. Byrd The Sixth Pavan and Galliard ‘Kinbrugh Goodd’: Galliard
  22. Gibbons In nomine a 5 No. 2
  23. Dowland Farewell ‘Fantasie No. 3’